Every project is actually created or thought after an individual’s need. How many times have you thought about listening to music from Youtube while driving in your car or waiting at a coffee shop without having your data usage drained…? Well… for us? always! So, we thought, “what if we created an app that respects our data usage?”

and then… the app was born, audimon! audimon stands for audio + demon, just because it can find and play anything! audimon has been designed and developed by the team members of Blastup development agency.

audimon helps you find music or audio hosted in Youtube’s database without streaming the video but instead… just the audio! Our service is dedicated to optimizing your streaming experience and save as many MB as you can possibly can. Using our app you will consume almost 5 times less MB compared to video streaming. Besides that, you can favorite your music and listen to it while you are offline. The features just can’t stop here. Check out the top reasons why you should also use our app.