About Psyt:
Psyt provide accurate, scalable, real-time measurement techniques that reveal previously undiscoverable insights. Traditional psychological measurement techniques don’t provide the data required to support timely and fully-informed decisions. A technique known as the Experience Sampling Method (ESM) has been advocated by the OECD as the “gold-standard” in measuring psychological states. ESM samples people’s experiences in the here and now, regularly, providing a wealth of accurate, real-time, continuous data. PsyT provides this technology to organisations, academics and market research agencies on a wide scale to provide unparalleled data-driven insights

Psyt also has a novel suite of mindfulness products that enhance the learning and integration of mindfulness into daily life using biofeedback and gamificaiton. Psyt partners with Mindlab to provide these digital products in combination with live training to organisations.

Blastup in co-operation with Psyt’s in-house development & design team built the website version of Mindlab’s iOS & Android applications using React .JS for the front-end & NodeJS for the back-end.

We’d like to thank Mr. Nicholas Begley (Founder & CEO) as well as the whole development & design team at psyt for their trust, co-operation and business mentality throughout the development of the project.

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