About the APP
You really will, when you play around with these classic and truly funny Cypriot phrases! For the first time you can laugh to yourself or have your friends falling about hysterically when you hear these authentic Cypriot sayings in true Cyprus dialect from Mr. Brown Coffee.

• Download and hear 100 of the funniest Cypriot phrases spoken authentically!
• Choose from 10 hilarious categories.
• Choose either Cypriot male or Cypriot female to bring the phrases to life!
• Sneak up on your friends and play the ‘sayings’ back at them!
• Answer people back with classic catchphrases!
Just Shake or Tap to play!

How to use:
1. Select male or female voice.
2. Select category of phrase.
3. Select phrase.
4. Tap or Shake to playback audio of phrase!
5. There is also a random phrase selector.

Download free from Apple Store or Google Play!