An amazing project for an amazing client, R Group.

One of our recent developments, neo.club, built with the latest and most advanced technologies.

Neoderma Corporate is a Business to Business website connected with multiple APIs along with the most complex backend ever built.

Blastup took the challenge and developed as well as designed the brand new neo.club using Spreecommerce platform (Ruby on Rails) for the backend including many new variations, customizations, and additions in combination with ReactJS for the front-end giving a unique and seamless experience to the end customer!

The website also uses ElasticSearch for indexing products as well as Memcached for super-fast performance.

About Neoderma
Neoderma is a premium airless skincare brand. Neoderma is the New-Now, the Neo choice at the broader ecosystem of derma (skin).

Neoderma is using the world’s most advanced Airless (Air-Free) green-ecosystem packaging systems, made from the finest exclusive raw materials, using Allergen-Free Fragrance, Synthetic Dye-Free, Paraben-Free, Mineral Oil-Free, Paraffin Wax Free, Vaseline Free, Ethanolamine Free, MCI/MI Free, Formaldehyde Donors Free, Genetically-Modified-Organism-Free, and is Cruelty-Free.

Neoderma is a breeding ground for new ideas. It is proactive and intends to provide a new lens through which to look and reconsider the world of skincare.

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